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Your subconscious patterns make up 95% of who you are.
Which ones are holding you back?


Group Workshops

Join me at one of my interactive, live-learning events to gain an in-depth understanding of how problems are formed at a subconscious level and what techniques can be used to resolve them.

Understanding Consciousness Introduction Workshop

(part 1)

In this workshop, you’ll learn how problems are formed at a subconscious level, how to identify the underlying patterns that created them and how to remove them.

Block Removal Techniques Workshop

(Part 2)

As part two in the series, we dive deeper into understanding how subconscious patterns (“blocks”) form the structure of our problems, you’ll then learn top performing techniques on how to release them.

Oil & Meditation Workshop

 (Part 3)

 Building upon the knowledge gained in the first two workshops, we’ll be using THC oil (a plant-based medicine) to open up the subconscious mind, in order to find and release your “blocks” more easily.

Client Views


“In just one session she removed an issue I’ve been working on for a year – over the phone. Nikki has been through her own personal journey and all the tools she uses are tried and tested – by herself on herself.”

– Maxim Dokoukine

“Words are inadequate to describe what Nikki is able to accomplish. She will make a big impact on your life. “

– Stephen Yuen

“I have become a strong willed and confidant person. The NLP was my favorite part. I honestly can’t stop smiling since that day. I was surprised it worked. I was a skeptic for sure.”

– Andrew P. Stewart

“The whole experience was mind blowing and amazing. The best thing about it is that it’s a simple practice, when you allow yourself to go through the process.”

– Alan Metcalfe

“Without going in to much detail, I was trapped in a state of nihlistic limbo following a family tragedy for over 6 years. Nicole reached out to me and helped me get in touch with myself, decipher the emotions I had gotten numb to and realign my aim so that I have a purpose.

I am forever grateful that I am lucky to have her in my life and I absolutely vouch for her as a person and a coach.”

– Jeremiah Lajide

This type of stuff isn’t normally my thing. I’m a self-motivated person and do not normally have issues getting where I want to. That being said, Nikki will definitely push you to get out of your comfort zone. If you keep an open mind, and are willing to work at it, you can grow as a person. Her approach is to break through your mental blocks preventing you from taking risks that would be expected to have a positive impact on you. She does this through a variety of approaches including funny exercises, taking small steps to reach the big steps, and if you’re up to it, hypnosis!

– Mike C

I am very happy with the coaching experience I had with Nikki. I felt that she was fully engaged, knowledgeable, and created a safe space to share some deep and vulnerable things. She was also supporting me in between sessions and became a real cheerleader for me, believing in me.

– Polina M

My hesitation with coaching was going into the areas of my life that I didn’t want to go into and bring up. With time, I realized that many themes in life are interconnected and I was able to draw the connections necessary with Nikki’s guidance, in order to bring up more root causes and deal with them directly.

My favourite parts of the sessions ended up being when the light bulbs went off and the conversations got hard – that’s when I knew that I had found my walls and limits and could work with that more.

– Polina M

“I experienced massive release of tension I’d been carrying for many years with Nikki’s down to earth and caring approach in her sessions.”

– Emma Farfus

A Few Words

About Me

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my background

I’ve been studying the subconscious mind since 2007, with a primary focus on understanding the various ways it impacts our mental well-being and our interpersonal communication with others.

I’ve studied a variety of disciplines over the years, including Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnotherapy and RMT Life Coaching and have received several certifications from my studies. I’ve also had the privilege of learning 1-on-1 through a variety of mentorships, from what I consider some of the best teachers/practitioners in the world. 

Over the years, as I’ve moved deeper into working with and applying these teachings, I began looking into the world of Eastern Philosophy (such as Buddhism, Taoism and Traditional Chinese Medicine) and found that several studies from the new science of Quantum Physics are now verifying what many of these Eastern Philosophies have been teaching for thousands of years. Particularly how vibration (energy) is what we’re all made of, which plays a paramount role in how we function.

I now combine my knowledge of Eastern/Western teachings, in order to achieve a deeper level of change than what’s possible from a mind/body understanding alone.

Feel free to reach out if you’d like more information!


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